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Rules of the Game Pandira: 5th Age Heroes from the New Dawn 4th -20th Level D&D Campaign

If you cannot attend, your PC is considered not present either. No treasure, gp, items, spells, or class features may be used from a non-present character. This includes who controls the party bank. This rule can be overlooked if you have designated a player other than yourself to run your character in your absence. Character Creation Rules: o Build Points: 32 o Races: all +1 level adjustment o Name, Description and Art, and a brief history of your character’s career o Starting Gold is 9000 gp o All characters at level 4 o 3.5 edition Bookkeeping: o All Players are responsible for keeping track of note on the campaign, including personal items, gp on hand, and important story facts. If you did not write it down, I will not remind you. If you do not have your notebook present, I will not fill in the blanks. I award ad hoc experience for detail retention and I do not like to repeat the story over again because you forgot to bring the notes. o Players are responsible for all materials needed for their character. This includes character sheet, notes, books, dice. The DM will give each player a folder to keep your sheets and notes in, as well as any item cards you may have. At the end of session, Experience points will be give to all player, Leveling up will take place (if applicable) and the DM will collect all sheets to hang on to for player Character Retention: o You CANNOT rewrite a new character. You must be either raised or you are removed from the campaign. This is to ensure that everyone is given the same awards for staying alive and, hopefully, prevents Character A.D.D. Exception can be made on DM’s Discretion Action Points: o This concept comes from Power each character starts the campaign with. Each character, every level, will be give a new pool of Actions Points. These points can be used for a variety of different abilities in game. The scale players will receive these points is according to the following table: Level 4 – 10 = 6 Level 11-16 = 7 Level 17-20 = 8 o This points refill to the stated amount when each character levels. Action Points Uses: o Fate Bonus: During your turn, you may spend 1 point to add 1d4 to the result of any d20 roll you make that round. You may spend a total of 3 per round for this ability. o Recasting: By spending an action dice when casting a spell, you may recast the same spell next turn without losing a slot If you use recasting, you cannot spend an action die until the beginning of your next turn. o Healing dice: During your turn, as a standard action, you may spend an action die to heal a Hit Dice worth of damage: • Wizard/sorcerer = d6 • Rogue/bard/artificer = d6 • Ranger/Cleric = d8 • Fighter/Paladin = d10 • Barbarian = d12 You may do this when us are unconscious instead of a stabilize check o Combat Surge: During your turn, as a free action, you may spend 2 action dice to maximize your damage role. You must decide to do this BEFORE rolling attack rolls. This effect lasts until the end of your turn and follows all critical rules. o Fate Intervention: After rolling a saving throw, you may spend 3 action dice to reroll you save. This is done before success is determined. This does not hinder you from adding Action Die to the check.

Special Rule Concerning Tomb of Battle If you decide to use a class from this book, you can only pick 2 schools to focus on to start your character. Every level after 5th, you may pick up another school for the class you are in. You make not just arbitrarily take level in these classes. You must seek training from a master (level 15 or higher) of the school you wish to learn from to gain a level. Any character in a Nine Swords class MUST have the maneuver cards for his known maneuvers and stances. Allowed materials All 3.5ed D&D materials will be allowed in this game. Some 3.5ed Pathfinder items and monster will appear in this campaign to flavor the environment. The Vows from Exalted Deeds will be allowed for players to take. I will be enforcing alignment penetlies and vow requirements for each character. Each character may take up to 2 flaws at 1st level from Unearthed Arcana. You must give a viable reason in your background as to why you have these flaws

Character Level Chart Table 3–2: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefits Level XP Skill Ranks Feats Stat Increases* 1st 0 4 2 1st — 2nd 1,000 5 2.5 — — 3rd 3,000 6 3 2nd — 4th 6,000 7 3.5 — 1st 5th 10,000 8 4 — — 6th 15,000 9 4.5 3rd — 7th 21,000 10 5 — — 8th 28,000 11 5.5 — 2nd 9th 36,000 12 6 4th — 10th 45,000 13 6.5 — — 11th 55,000 14 7 — — 12th 66,000 15 7.5 5th 3rd 13th 78,000 16 8 — — 14th 91,000 17 8.5 — — 15th 105,000 18 9 6th — 16th 120,000 19 9.5 — 4th 17th 136,000 20 10 — — 18th 153,000 21 10.5 7th — 19th 171,000 22 11 — — 20th 190,000 23 11.5 — 5th *you can either raise one stat by 2 or 2 stats by one at each of these levels

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